Elsa - X-mas time nylon encasement fetish hotness (video) 0
Elsa - X-mas time nylon encasement fetish hotness (video) 1
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It’s Christmas time and it’s for Santa to visit all the naughty boys and girls. This girl, Elsa, she’s a naughty one. This kind of punishment turns her on – she loves being tied, being helpless. This time around, Elsa is on her bed, wearing Christmas-y red colors and being cheerful. Just kidding, she’s not cheerful at all – you see, Elsa’s in big, big trouble. She went over the edge with her fetish, being all tied up, absolutely helpless and having a ball-gag (Christmas-themed one, too!), it all wasn’t enough for her as she wanted her nylon encasement fantasy to become a reality. That’s taking it a step too far, Elsa! Now this naughty girl has nothing better to do but to get hornier and hornier. This feeling she gets, the despair, it mixes up just right with her lust. Don’t feel bad – Elsa will get off looking through this pictures, as you should, too. She will remember that sweet mix of humiliation and lust she was feeling, being hogtied on a huge bed, waiting for someone to either set her free or use and use that tight body.