Lucky, Nelly, Xenia - Santa’s little helpers tie each other up on a bed (video) 0
Lucky, Nelly, Xenia - Santa’s little helpers tie each other up on a bed (video) 1
Lucky, Nelly, Xenia - Santa’s little helpers tie each other up on a bed (video) 2

What a party! Those naughty Santa’s little helpers are up to no good and you just know it! Three incredibly beautiful ladies, you can’t even say for sure – which one is the hottest. The girls are all dolled-up, they love Christmas spirit and they look a-fucking-mazing in red. They want to unpack the presents being all curious which one gets a lump of coal. The one with jet-black hair, she’s called Lucky and that is exactly the reason why she gets to open her present first! Turns out, Lucky wasn’t all that lucky! Just kidding, Lucky got exactly what she wanted – she wanted to be tied-up with a rope, she wanted to be hogtied by her naughty girlfriends. Ball-gag as a bonus, too. Now, the girls are overjoyed – now they can make silly faces next their helpless friend, now they can tickle, lick and kiss her sexy little feet. That’s where the girls get a little bit carried away – they tie Lucky with Christmas lights, ready to feel the glow. They take it a step further by using poor, helpless Lucky as a foot stool!

This naughty party will never stop – the show must go on, as they say! The last time we saw the girls, it was Lucky’s unlucky break, she was humiliated and dehumanized a bit. She just lays there, tied-up, hopeless, powerless and helpless. Face down, on the floor. Luckily for Lucky, she might get some company pretty damn soon. It’s Nelly’s turn to open up her present. Nelly hesitates for a bit, she’s not sure what to expect – surprisingly, she gets a ball-gag too. She’s not really happy, but cooperative – she helps the third (and the luckiest) girl, Xenia, to move Lucky. Now, with all three of them on a big, white bed, it’s time for Nelly to get tied-up with a rope. Rope is fairly tame, as you can imagine – our hogtied hottie gets the same treatment as Lucky, she gets tied-up with Christmas lights. It’s only hot, it’s as Christmas-y as it gets around here. Xenia, the sole “survivor”, gets ready to fool around with the girls on a bed, since they can’t say “no” at all.