Merida & Ariel - Bossy blonde beauty and her naughty subs (video) 0
Merida & Ariel - Bossy blonde beauty and her naughty subs (video) 1
Merida & Ariel - Bossy blonde beauty and her naughty subs (video) 2

These girls are coming to you straight from Santa's naughty list. You have Merida, a fiery redhead and Ariel with hair similar to her namesake. The girls seemingly moonlight as Santa's little helpers, which is an admirable job to have. Merida tries to pocket some money, Ariel tries to scare her straight, but Merida is having none of that. She leaves the room for a brief moment, only to come back with a rope and, as they say, snitches get to enjoy some hogtie, no stitches.
Now that Ariel is helpless, Merida uses her trusty duct tape. With her tape gag on, Ariel can't do much of anything and since she's barefeet, her naughty girlfriend starts playing around with those amazing-looking soles. The ending to this amazing-quality lesbian bondage scene is a bit abrupt, but you will get to see Ariel topless. Her exposed breasts are exquisite, and her beautiful face really says it all – she's bound to enjoy everything that comes after the cameras stop rolling, she loves bondage and she's full of Christmas cheer.

The two girls who were too busy with their bickering? They seemingly forgot that Blackrose (their boss) doesn't really like naughty girls or good girls being naughty. Merida, the fiery redhead, gets to experience the same kind of hogtie fun. She's now helpless, next to her submissive girlfriend. The both of them are barefeet, they both look positively stunning even in a tough situation like this one.
Blackrose uses duct tape to make sure Merida doesn't get to noisy. In the end, this stunning blonde decides to flip the girls over to the side (without taking their tape gag off). There's no twist for twist's sake here: Blackrose doesn’t pocket the money herself. She could have, but you need to just look at her – she's obviously fairly wealthy, judging from that expensive and skintight dress. Being a good girl pays off in the end, yet the girls are just left there, looking incredibly seductive with no means to escape. Maybe this is going to be the time they'll learn their lesson?