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Ole Lykoile shares a flat with several other girls. Actually, she is between jobs and therefore assigned to do the housekeeping. But she is not much of a cook or a cleaner. She is home all day, watching TV, inviting girlfriends, talking on the phone ... When her roommates came home this day, they found Ole Lykoile sitting by the window with a glas of juice. One of her roommates works as a dominatrix and she is more than happy to share her experience and her toys with our lazy housekeeper. She slipped leather cuffs around Ole Lykoiles neck, elbows, hands and feet, secured them with padlocks and buckled her elbows together behind her back. Then the wrist cuffs get linked behind her back with a short chain, but skinny Ole Lykoile was still able to enjoy more juice. In order to stop her, a large gag has been pushed into her mouth. To prevent her from walking away her ankles get chained to her neck. Helpless as she is now, her roommates told her what they expect her to do as soon as she gets released. Just before Ole Lykolie bursts into tears they gave her the keys to the padlocks.   



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