Alexa: Self Hogcuff

2011-12-16 Alexa 117 images Bondage
Alexa: Self Hogcuff 0
Alexa: Self Hogcuff 1
Alexa: Self Hogcuff 2
Alexa: Self Hogcuff 3
Alexa: Self Hogcuff 4

Alexa gagged herself with duct tape and applied cuffs to her ankles and thumbs. She secured her wrists behind her back. Then she needed some help. Her ankle cuffs get linked to her wrist cuffs  and her elbows get linked with another pair. When she thought it's about time to get released,  she only got the keys ...

Marvita: Armchair Hogtie

2011-12-09 Marvita 101 images Bondage
Marvita: Armchair Hogtie 0
Marvita: Armchair Hogtie 1
Marvita: Armchair Hogtie 2
Marvita: Armchair Hogtie 3
Marvita: Armchair Hogtie 4

Marvita is posing for her boyfriend in an armchair, teasing him, begging to get tied up. Of course,  he wants to meet her wishes and tied her hands behind her back with rope, taped her lips and put her in an uncomfortable hogtie in this comfortable armchair.

Ole Lykoile and Rozanka: Hogcuffed Duo (MPG)

2011-12-03 Ole Lykoile and Rozanka 11:06 minutes Bondage
Ole Lykoile and Rozanka: Hogcuffed Duo (MPG) 0
Ole Lykoile and Rozanka: Hogcuffed Duo (MPG) 1
Ole Lykoile and Rozanka: Hogcuffed Duo (MPG) 2
Ole Lykoile and Rozanka: Hogcuffed Duo (MPG) 3
Ole Lykoile and Rozanka: Hogcuffed Duo (MPG) 4

Our video clip starts right from the beginning. We can see how both girls getting handcuffed more and more by the other girl. Finally, both girls ended completely hogcuffed and ball gagged.

Alice: Topless Spread Eagle

2011-11-26 Alice Lee 58 images Bondage
Alice: Topless Spread Eagle 0
Alice: Topless Spread Eagle 1
Alice: Topless Spread Eagle 2
Alice: Topless Spread Eagle 3
Alice: Topless Spread Eagle 4

Topless cutie Alice is laying on the bed. Ropes trailed from her wrists and ankles, attaching them firmly to the bed frame. A tape gag will keep her silent. She was totally exposed, with her breasts completely accessible to anyone coming into her bedroom. This spread eagle position was something she hadn't done before. The feeling was overwhelming.

Lolo: Arms-up Hogtied

2011-11-19 Lolo 112 images Bondage
Lolo: Arms-up Hogtied 0
Lolo: Arms-up Hogtied 1
Lolo: Arms-up Hogtied 2
Lolo: Arms-up Hogtied 3
Lolo: Arms-up Hogtied 4

Lolo sits on a table, waiting for the ropes. Her hands where tied in front, pulled over her
head and behind her neck, where her arms get tied together. Her lips where sealed with a tape gag. She crossed her legs in front where they were tied as well. Then she layed on her stomach and her feet got tied to her hands behind her back.