Satisfaction Girl and Alexa: Bathroom pleasures  0
Satisfaction Girl and Alexa: Bathroom pleasures  1
Satisfaction Girl and Alexa: Bathroom pleasures  2
Satisfaction Girl and Alexa: Bathroom pleasures  3
Satisfaction Girl and Alexa: Bathroom pleasures  4

Satisfaction Girl and Alexa like to play bondage games. This time Satisfaction Girl quickly changed into her new bikini, went into the bath awaiting some bathroom pleasures with her friend. Alexa came in with lots of rope, tied her hands above her head and her feet to the tap. Duct tape was placed over her mouth so no one can hear her scream. Satisfaction Girl struggled around a bit, testing her bonds, splashing lots of water to the bathroom floor. To stop this nonsense, Alexa gets handcuffed to the shower and tape gagged as well. Now both girls struggled as they tried to escape. 

Gatitta: Spicing things up (MPG)

2011-07-24Gatitta5:56 minutesBondage
Gatitta: Spicing things up (MPG) 0
Gatitta: Spicing things up (MPG) 1
Gatitta: Spicing things up (MPG) 2
Gatitta: Spicing things up (MPG) 3
Gatitta: Spicing things up (MPG) 4

As shown in our picture set, Gatitta has cuffed herself. Her fight to open all the cuffs can be seen in this video clip. 
She even tried to release her elbows, but she has to give up.

Ole Lykoile: Lazy Housekeeper

2011-07-17Ole Lykoile64 imagesBondage
Ole Lykoile: Lazy Housekeeper   0
Ole Lykoile: Lazy Housekeeper   1
Ole Lykoile: Lazy Housekeeper   2
Ole Lykoile: Lazy Housekeeper   3
Ole Lykoile: Lazy Housekeeper   4

Ole Lykoile shares a flat with several other girls. Actually, she is between jobs and therefore assigned to do the housekeeping. But she is not much of a cook or a cleaner. She is home all day, watching TV, inviting girlfriends, talking on the phone ... When her roommates came home this day, they found Ole Lykoile sitting by the window with a glas of juice. One of her roommates works as a dominatrix and she is more than happy to share her experience and her toys with our lazy housekeeper. She slipped leather cuffs around Ole Lykoiles neck, elbows, hands and feet, secured them with padlocks and buckled her elbows together behind her back. Then the wrist cuffs get linked behind her back with a short chain, but skinny Ole Lykoile was still able to enjoy more juice. In order to stop her, a large gag has been pushed into her mouth. To prevent her from walking away her ankles get chained to her neck. Helpless as she is now, her roommates told her what they expect her to do as soon as she gets released. Just before Ole Lykolie bursts into tears they gave her the keys to the padlocks.   



Gatitta: Spicing things up

2011-07-10Gatitta76 imagesBondage
Gatitta: Spicing things up   0
Gatitta: Spicing things up   1
Gatitta: Spicing things up   2
Gatitta: Spicing things up   3
Gatitta: Spicing things up   4

Usually her husband is very tired when he comes home from his boring job. This time things have to be different and  Gatitta has taken appropriate measures. She got some fancy items from a local store and she is determined not to  watch TV tonight. First she gags herself with duct tape, then one by one the cuffs fits into place. As a last step she even  cuffs her thumbs. Then she realized that there is one pair of handcuffs still unused, but helpless as she was now, there  was nothing she could do but wait. Eventually her husband came home pretty surprised finding his wife in such a vulnerable position, and best of all, unable to talk. Instead of releasing her he put the last pair of handcuffs on her elbows. Sitting in a chair he enjoys looking at his wife struggling around. Her moaning and the clicking of all the cuffs really turned him on. Then he just gave her the keys ... 


Alice: Escape artist training

2011-07-03Alice Lee65 imagesBondage
Alice: Escape artist training 0
Alice: Escape artist training 1
Alice: Escape artist training 2
Alice: Escape artist training 3
Alice: Escape artist training 4

Alice is laying on the bed, waiting to get tied-up. She got a rope harness around her elbows, neck and shoulders. Several loops around her ankles and thighs will keep her in a kneeling position. Her toes get tied with thin cord, so she couldn't struggle with her feet. Finally, her hands get linked in front of her belly. To get free, Alice has to reach one of the knots by stressing her tied elbows.